Setting up your mailing system

UPDATED:  08 September 2015

Use this to guide you through steps to properly and efficiently set up your Pitney Bowes account and new mailing system. After you have completed the items on this page, continue the set up process for your specific meter model.

MY ACCOUNT - Create your Account profile (if you do not have one already)

To establish your online account, enter the following:

  • a username (your email address)
  • a password and security question TIP: remember, or safely store, the security question & answer - just in case you ever need to recall it)
  • your name and company name
  • business phone number

Register your equipment/products so you can:

  • Request service and check the status of a service request 
  • Update company information, add equipment addresses, edit profile details, and store payment accounts
  • Instant software and rate update information
  • Order supplies for your PB products easily from our online shop

To register you will need:

  • Product Code Number (PCN)
  • Product Serial Number
  • OR 11-digit Installation Customer Account Number* (CAN) identifying the equipment location. Note: your Account number* is on your invoice.

POSTAGE FUNDING - Determine how you will pay for postage after the initial refill

Pitney Bowes mailing systems do not come with postage funds beyond your initial deposit. You will need to load funds to the meter prior to use. Adding postage requires a postage account - review information about postage payment options, including PitneyWorks®

New Customers
When you first set up your mailing system, postage will be automatically added to the meter using your PitneyWorks account. 

Transitioning Customers
Initial postage can be paid for using the funds transferred from the meter being replaced. After that, you can fund postage using the methods you already have set up, or you can change your postage funding source.

CONNECTION - Learn more about connection methods  

Your mailing system communicates with the Pitney Bowes Data Center as part of its operations. The system does not have to be connected at all times, though it is necessary to connect often to sync information between your mailing system and the PB Data Center.

Tasks that may occur during a sync include:

  • Refilling postage
  • Updating postage rate data
  • Installing software updates that run the system
  • Performing required postal inspections
  • Collecting diagnostic information
  • Adding new features
  • Receiving new graphics and ads for envelope printing

Options depend on your environment and system model

  1. Through the Internet using a PC and PC Meter Connect
    What you will need:
    • Windows PC that meets the minimum system requirements
    • Download the PC Meter Connect (PCMC) desktop application
    • An Internet connection
  2. As a node on a LAN connected to the Internet
     What you will need:
    • A local area network (LAN) with Internet access to establish digital connection using the USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit

Select your model
Once you create your Account profile, pick a postage funding method, and review connection options to sync your meter to the PB Data Center - finalize the set up process with instructions specific for your model: