Update Meter Rates Instructions

UPDATED: 19 November 2015

For specific instructions that will guide you through the process to update your meter with the latest Canada Post™ rates and built in discounts, choose your Pitney Bowes postage meter and model number from the following list:

mailstation™ Series: 

mailstation™: model K7EC

mailstation™: model K7CR

mailstation 2™: model K7C2
(with PC Meter Connect)

DM Series

   DM100i™:  P7EC

DM125™:  PREC

   DM300C™:  G910

 DM400C™:  G910

   DM475C™:  G910

   DM400™:  1AEC or 1MEC

 DM500™:  1AEC or 1MEC

 DM550™:  1AEC or 1MEC

   DM800™:  1AEC or 1MEC

   DM900™:  1AEC or 1MEC

   DM1000™:  1AEC or 1MEC

   DM1100™: 1AEC or 1MEC

   DM Infinity™: 1ACT or 1MCT

Connect+® Series

Important message for Connect+® users:
Remember to click on the "check for updates" icon on your Connect+ system to ensure that you have downloaded all current rates and software for your system. You will also need to install the updates once they are downloaded into the system so they can take effect. You may need to click the "check for updates" icon again to check for more updates.

Choose your Connect+ model to access download instructions:

  Connect+ 1000

  Connect+ 2000

  Connect+ 3000

Visit Canada Post™ for more information on rates and services. If you need additional technical support for downloading the update software in the change of 2016 prices for Canada Post, please contact the rates change material assistance Pitney Bowes Service at number 1 888 722-2672.