Learn about Cost Accounts in SendPro

Learn about Cost Accounts which help you keep track of where you are spending your money on postage.

UPDATED: 25 July 2016

SendPro’s Cost Accounts help you keep track of where you’re spending your money on postage by allowing you to assign a trackable cost category to some or all of your shipping labels.

Set up and manage a Cost Account
Cost Accounts are disabled by default. To start using them by selecting Settings > Cost Accounts and enabling them there (you can disable them on this screen too).

Apply a Cost Account to a shipping label
When Cost Accounts are enabled you’ll see a list of them at the top of the screen in the shipping label workflow. Select a cost account to associate it with the shipping label in progress.

Require Cost Accounts
SendPro can require a Cost Account for every shipment — just enable the “For every shipment” checkbox under Settings > Cost Accounts. You can set up one cost account as your default when adding it, or by selecting it from your list of cost accounts and clicking Set as default.

Add, import and export Cost Accounts
You can add or import cost accounts (and export them) using the same methods as you do to add, import and export addresses in SendPro’s Address Book. Click the +Add button to add a single cost account, or import multiple cost accounts using our downloadable CSV-format template. You can also export multiple cost accounts to a CSV file.

Deactivate a Cost Account
Since cost accounts may be temporary, SendPro allows you to deactivate and reactivate them. By deactivating rather than deleting a cost account you can prevent users from applying it to current shipping costs yet keep it around in case you need to use it again in the future. Using a single cost account in this way ensures that you’re consolidating activity to a single cost account.

For example, you might set up a cost account for a project that you know may be put on hold. By deactivating its associated cost account you can stop users from assigning postage costs to it while the project is on hold. Once the project gets underway again just reactive the cost account so your users can once again assign shipping costs to it.