Pitney Bowes Support | Canada

Enhancements for Software Solutions client's online experience

Welcome to our dedicated website where you can find the latest on your new online experience.

You can access your new online experience by logging in at https://en.pitneybowes.ca/signin using your email address and the password you set up for the Knowledge Communities.

You can continue to log in to the Knowledge Communities using the same log in details, however if you log in through the new experience, you will gain access to new features.

Until December 31, 2019, please continue to use this URL https://en.pitneybowes.ca/signin and ignore the URL shown on any case emails you may receive, while we complete the move for all users to the new online experience.

You will continue to have access to the Knowledge Communities & Knowledge capabilities that you had within the Knowledge Communities; however, with this new online experience you can now gain access to additional features.

You now can see the products linked to each account and, by expanding the products, you will find new functionality.

Products: See the products that you have with the ability to expand and see the following information related to that product:

    Knowledge: Simply enter your “How do I...?” question in our searchable knowledge base to find answers in the support article section; you can also find this at the bottom of the screen.

    Case Management: Create, update and monitor your active Technical Support cases or view historical cases. You can also find this at the bottom of the screen for both Technical Support & Client Service cases. 

Product Documentation: All the latest product documentation for the products you own, which can be found by expanding the products shown.

Quick Links: Access to additional resources that you may need including videos, training, Software Support and Maintenance Handbook and how to contact support among other quick links to functionality.

Account Management & Profile: Manage your profile, notification settings, Password & Security as well as Managing Accounts with the ability to add and remove accounts.

We are expanding the products & support content available on the Support link at the top of our Corporate Support site. Simply select Support in the header when you go to www.pitneybowes.com/ca/en to find support information for your products. This is being enhanced over time, so check back frequently if your product is not available. 

Within Manage Accounts Access in Your Account, you have easily-accessible capabilities including modifying details for each Pitney Bowes account associated with your products and billing. Other management features include adding your colleagues and designating their access type and permissions. Find out more here: 


Your Account with Pitney Bowes provides easy-to-use features and customized tools to help you manage your account online. Select a topic to find answers to commonly asked questions: