How to add accounts online using your account

Learn how to update your profile by adding all of your payment accounts in online billing using Your Account.

UPDATED: 11 July 2016

Manage your products, postage, billing and payments in one location by adding each account number to your online profile. To add payment accounts to your profile, first create your account online. Add ALL your Pitney Bowes accounts to easily access your invoices and pay your bills online. Note: If you do NOT see your invoice or statement within My Bills, all payment accounts might not be enrolled in the system and need to be added.

  1. Sign In to your account and locate the section, Your Products. Select the button: Add Products
  2. Enter your Account Number into the field, then select Continue
    important information icon TIP: Learn how to identify your account numbers.
  3. Confirm your company information. Select one option from the criteria menu.
  4. Enter the information, then select Submit

add bpns icon

bpns icon

Once you add ALL of your Pitney Bowes accounts you can make payments and updates anytime. My Bills makes online billing easy. Select View Bills

view bills

  • Pay current invoices online
  • View statements and see prior bill history
  • Modify payment methods - called Pay Wallet, where you store and update your credit card and bank information
  • Set up recurring payments for some account types
  • View your balances including Invoices, PitneyWorks®, Postage, and other account information
  • Find prior bills & statements under the tab, Bills History

my bills screen