How to set meter refill notifications online

Learn how to schedule meter notifications for refilling your postage funds using your online account.

You have the capability to receive notifications when your meter postage funds need to be refilled. Use your online account to set meter refill notifications for when you need to replenish your postage funds. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign In to your account online
  2. On the main screen, under Your Products, locate the meter you would like to add a refill notification
  3. Expand the Product component by selecting the plus sign (+) to the right of the Product
  4. The third column contains a list of helpful links. Select: Set Meter Refill Notification
  5. The next screen displays: My Refill Email Notifications. Select the Postage by Phone account number from the list to continue. If you do not see your Postage by Phone® account number listed, or to update your accounts, select the link to Add/Remove an account.
  6. Next, view My Email Notification Settings. You can include up to five email addresses for each meter. Update the field to include the email address(es) you want to receive meter refill notifications. Then select Submit.

    important information TIP: In the side column, view information for the Postage By Phone (PBP) account, including amount available for refill and postage fund balance. You can also select a different PBP account or add/remove an account.

UPDATED: 07 July 2016