Adding or refilling postage funds to your meter

Overview of how to add or refill postage funds to your meter.

UPDATED: 07 July 2015

Your Pitney Bowes Digital Postage Meter prints postage using funds in your postage account. These topics provide you with helpful information related to postage funding and your meter:

Methods to fund postage
Your postage account needs funds to be able to refill your meter.

Refill Charges:  You may incur minimal charges for refilling your meter, depending on the terms of your agreement.

Checking Your Postage Balance: Simply press the Available / Funds key on your meter. The balance will display directly on the screen.

Initial Postage Payment and Download
Your postage meter does not come with pre-loaded postage. You must connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to download postage funded by your postage deposit made when your meter was acquired. For more information about the different methods of connectivity to Pitney Bowes, refer to Data Center Connection Types.

Refilling After Initial Postage Download
There are two postage funding methods:

  1. You can refill postage on your meter using the funds available in your postage account, sometimes referred to as Postage by Phone®, or PBP
  2. Many clients use PitneyWorks® Account as their postage funding option. PitneyWorks functions like a line of credit with Pitney Bowes, and can be used to pay for other items including supplies, service, and consumables.

Funds will be drawn first from any prepaid account balance. If you do not have a prepaid balance or you choose to download more postage than available in your prepaid account, the difference will come from your PitneyWorks credit line. Note: Postage coupons or postage credits are treated as a prepaid balance.