Learn about the different ways you can pay for postage while using your Pitney Bowes mailing machines.

UPDATED: 24 June 2015

Postage is either prepaid or billed by a statement (“borrowed”).  When postage is billed, Pitney Bowes pays Canada Post™ in full, and sends a statement to you for repayment based upon the terms provided. The postage funding options include:

  • PitneyWorks® Account – Bill later option
  • Postage by Phone®  (PBP) Account – Prepaid option

PitneyWorks:  a Pitney Bowes credit line that allows you to pay for the meter, postage and supplies through a single account. Benefits of using PitneyWorks include:

  • No need to prepay; simply add postage to your meter. We will advance the funds and send you a bill afterward.
  • Consolidate other related expenses to this account such as rental, service charges shipping charges, Pitney Bowes supplies, and more
  • Receive one monthly statement with details for each transaction
  • Flexible payment terms; pay the full amount, or the minimum amount due

Postage By Phone® (PBP):  a service that Pitney Bowes provides to meter clients to create an account for postage funding. Clients having prepaid funds available in their Postage by Phone Account, in addition to available credit in PitneyWorks, will have the funds drawn from their prepaid accounts first when refilling postage

You can choose one of the these postage payment options if you wish to deposit funds in advance in your Postage by Phone account:

  • Telephone or Online Banking: To set up telephone and internet banking, you will have to verify with your bank if Postage by Phone is on the list of registered payees for bill payment. Provide your bank with your Postage by Phone account number.
  • Payment at a financial institution: Bring your Postage by Phone statement of account to a teller at your bank with your payment - cash or draft, money order, cheque payable to Postage by Phone
  • By mail; send payment to:

Postage by Phone
P.O. Box 1040
Station A,
Toronto ON M5W 3C8

Note:  Include the statement stub and write your PBP account number on the cheque and the stub to avoid any delay in processing.

TIP:  You can Check Available Funds of your Postage by Phone Account OR PitneyWorks balance by pressing the Funds button on your meter. Note:  to check your balance, your meter must be connected to the PB Data Center; via telephone or Internet connection.