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UPDATED: 24 August 2015

Business Manager™ is a PC-based information management system for your enterprise that links multiple mailing and shipping systems, at multiple sites, in a centrally controlled network. This system consolidates raw mailing and shipping data and summarizes it in formats you can use.

The DM models include DM500™, DM550™, DM800™, DM900™, DM1000 and DM1100™.

Business Manager can be configured for both local and enterprise-wide data collection and consolidation.  With the DM Series Mailing Systems, there is no additional hardware or data collection devices. Business Manager takes raw data from each mailing and shipping system across your network and summarizes it in formats you can use. These reports are your tools for solid decision-making.  View all account activity including performance against set budgets.  Monitor operator performance as well as track carrier class and fees.

Business Manager functional capabilities:

  • Host Workstation – The central system necessary for managing the operations including consolidation of data from local or remote sites administrative and reporting functions.
  • Remote Site Workstation – A special version of the Host Workstation that enables you to form a network of host solutions and manage from across the enterprise; monitor and consolidate data from multiple systems at multiple sites
  • Administrative or Reporting Workstations – PC solutions that provide managers additional access to the collected data without interrupting the Host Workstation.
  • Optional Peripherals:
    • Barcode Scanner
    • Laser Report Printer
    • Monitor Stand
    • Crystal Reports Software