Reshape the way you communicate to your customers

P/I™ Output Enhancement

Real-time printstream and workflow re-engineering lets you reshape the way you communicate to your customers. Add highly targeted, relevant offers and messages and reap the benefits of one-to one marketing.

Real-time Printstream and Workflow Re-engineering

Your business runs on mission-critical documents. And like many companies over the years you've probably invested hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars developing the programs and applications that support them—host-based applications and programs that are cumbersome, costly and difficult to change.

At the same time, you need to keep pace with new technologies and business trends like one-to-one communications, document consolidation, integration with new production workflows, and the assurance of 100 percent mail integrity. With P/I Output Enhancement, you can easily update applications, simplify maintenance, and extend the life of your applications without modifying your original applications.

Instead, P/I Output Enhancement re-engineers the printstream itself, making changes at the end of the production process. Now you can extend the life of your legacy documents, increase productivity, and improve end-to-end document production integrity.

  • Add, modify and delete barcodes and OMR marks
  • Integrate with ADF control systems
  • Intelligently split jobs to balance workload over several printers
  • Consolidate mailpieces by merging disparate inputs sources into a single envelope
  • Merge small jobs into a single job for output on high-speed production printers
  • Perform MailSort (UK MailSort 1400 and 700) and CleanMail Address Cleansing
  • Enrich black and white documents with colour by printing to digital colour printers
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed stationary by adding electronic forms on the fly
  • Add and personalise electronic inserts
  • Accelerate your time to market by updating and enhancing documents faster
  • Capitalise on the power of one-to-one communications.