Aggregate enterprise desktop mail into the production facility

P/I OfficeMail™

P/I OfficeMail™ helps organisations reduce the cost of customer-facing mail that must be created individually. P/I OfficeMail frees personnel resources to focus on core business activity, and reduce unit costs for these communications.

P/I OfficeMail Software

With Pitney Bowes P/I OfficeMail software, users simply create documents and submit them for printing and mailing. Instead of being printed locally on desktop printers and manually processed, documents are aggregated and transmitted to an in-house print-and-mail centre or an off-site facility for efficient production.

Benefits of P/I OfficeMail

By tapping into intelligent production print and mail capabilities and new economies of scale, P/I OfficeMail software makes you more productive. You can:

  • Increase staff productivity by redirecting desktop communications to an automated production environment
  • Reduce the cost of labour, postage, consumables and support for every mailpiece
  • Increase mail quality and decrease mailpiece unit costs
  • Get customer communications to market faster, with greater integrity
  • Generate an audit trail that tracks what was sent, when, where and to whom.

Pay-as-you-go facility

Users now have the option of buying credit and using P/I OfficeMail on a pay-as-you-go basis. This helps make hybrid mail an attractive solution for individuals and businesses of every size. In particular, pay-as-you-go enables private posts and print and mail providers to benefit from hybrid mail automation.

Batch document mailing

Many office-based print-jobs are created as multi-document PDF’s. P/I OfficeMail can now auto-mail these jobs to benefit from the consistency and technical quality of centralised print and mail production environments.

Submitting documents via batch document mailing also gives users the safeguard of a robust, fully automated track-and-trace service, providing an audit trail to satisfy the strictest compliance demands.

Web submission

Documents can be submitted online from a web browser (IE8). Additionally document templates, attachments and mail merge lists can be uploaded and processed. All the standard processing settings can be selected and users are able to preview the document or mail merge before submitting the job.

Production Intelligence®

The solution builds on comprehensive Production Intelligence® software solutions with P/I™ Output Management and P/I™ automated document factory (adf) systems.

When combined with P/I™ Output Enhancement, users can add barcodes to enable first-pass postcode presort for postage savings and improved mail integrity - without costly upstream application changes. Integrate with P/I™ Output Manager software to enable automated closed-loop reprinting and help meet service level agreement (SLA) performance.

Team P/I OfficeMail software with the DFWorks® Production Workflow module to track, monitor and control every job from creation to mail sortation. When integrated with the DFWorks Postage Accounting and Funds Management and Postal Manifesting modules, users can optimise postage savings and productivity.