Single Customer View

Better decisions depend on a single view.

Finally, a fully integrated 360-degree view is within your grasp. Accurate, enriched and accessible, Pitney Bowes delivers the comprehensive Single View of Customer you require - when and where you need it.

The basics sound easy: name, address, account numbers. Yet, sometimes, getting that right is a challenge.

Sadly, most organisations can’t capitalise on the deluge of data that’s available today. A complete single view offers more. What they buy. How they shop. Where they spend their time. What they value.

It’s time to crush data barriers, connect hard-to-access information and share it across your entire business. 

Single Customer View | Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes delivers the single view that works.

Connect siloed data

Add context to customer profiles

Uncover timely, actionable insights

Create powerful experiences and satisfy your customers

Enhance your insight at every step

With greater accuracy, agility and context, a true single view results in more profitable business outcomes.

  • Identify new targeted sales opportunities. 
  • Discover faster answers.
  • Make smarter, more effective decisions.
  • Reduce online customer-service costs.
  • Spot risk and mitigate losses.

Add precision to customer engagement.

  • Enable your teams to create more relevant, personalised and interactive experiences.
  • Provide more efficient, satisfying call-centre interactions.
  • Automate self-service on a one-to-one basis.
  • Customise interactions based on the time, place and context of each engagement

Run a comprehensive set of capabilities on a single platform.

  • Cleanse, standardise and validate data.
  • Link information to deliver new relationship insights. 
  • Make connections across any data source, whether inside or outside your organisation.
  • Enhance traditional data with vital contextual information, including location, demographics and more.
  • Inform predictive analytics for more powerful insight.
  • Make it easy to manage exceptions to standardise data governance across lines of business.
  • Visualise relationships with maps and graph databases.
  • Integrate insights into existing workflows and process.

Market leaders rely on Pitney Bowes. You can, too.

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insurance companies worldwide

hundreds of government agencies

thousands of corporations