Location Classifications

Consumer and business area classifications

Our leading location classifications that provide unique insight into the consumer and business environment by area. They're ideal for market insight, planning and targeting.


Settlement Spaces

Settlement Spaces is a housing based segmentation typology that combines data on housing, population and business density, building type, dwelling size and transportation

Segment locations include:

  • Urban core areas
  • Primary urban renter areas
  • Primary urban owner areas
  • Urban fringe residential owner areas
  • Satellite commercial renter areas
  • Suburban and exurban owner areas
  • Mixed use residential areas
  • Rural owner areas

Covers: US and Canada

Consumer Vitality

Consumer is an indexed value to understand the desirability and economic performance of small areas based on the consumers and amenities in that location.

  • Desirability of a location to live in
  • Performance of small areas in terms of consumer affluence
  • Access to amenities
  • How that compares to other areas

Covers: US, Canada, UK and Australia

Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality is an indexed measure of business economic vitality using a combination of Business demographics, business delinquency and business financial stress. It measures economic performance and economic desirability. 

Use it to describe a neighbourhood in relation to: 

  • Categorised business size (employees)
  • Years established
  • HQ/Branch status
  • Legal status – Private, Plc, public sector and charity
  • Financial stress score
  • Delinquency score     

Covers: US