Drivetime and Routing

Fully attributed and intelligent routable street and road networks

Travel time and distance are critical to making effective planning decisions, whether deciding where to place a retail outlet, determining to whom a free delivery service should be offered or ensuring that a delivery or emergency service reaches its destination in minimum time.  Pitney Bowes produces a range of Drivetime and Routing networks to meet requirements such as these and many others.

The Routing and Drivetime datasets provide fully attributed and intelligent routable street and road networks for routing applications, drive time matrix generation, drive time and distance isochrone generation. Whether you want to calculate the time it takes to get from A to B at different times of the day, what is the most efficient route to take when visiting a list of locations, or determining how many people live within 30 minutes of a given store, you can rely on regularly updated Routing and Drivetime data for critical input to this analysis.


Multi-faceted data

Combines routing data with Pitney Bowes administrative and postcode boundaries, demographics, business and retail data to support your spatial and analytical data needs

Drive informed decisions

Routing data supports numerous business-critical decision support processes e.g. logistics, asset management, risk analysis, retail planning and emergency planning

Plan investments

Input into strategic investment planning (e.g. retail planning and asset management)

Assess risk

Enables management of on-going profitability (e.g. risk analysis)

Manage business tactics

Aids in management of tactical business issues (e.g. logistics)

Integrate with existing systems

Integrates within your corporate GIS and enterprise environment to ensure you fully realize the benefits of location intelligence as part of your integrated business processes