Hospitals throughout Europe are using Pitney Bowes track and trace technology to improve productivity, safeguard reputation, protect assets and enhance patient care.

Our hospital clients reference three key areas where track and trace is delivering hard benefits:


Internal delivery and distribution
Make sure that deliveries get to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. No more wasted staff time; no more delays to medical procedures; no more lost items

Asset management
Know the precise location and status of valuable assets you own or lease - at any time. Minimise transfer time for expensive technology. Track sterilised instruments back to secure storage.

Management and disposal of ‘high-risk’ items
Ensure regulatory compliance. Be certain hazardous waste is properly disposed of. Make sure sensitive data is not lost or exposed. Protect the organisation’s reputation.

Our customers are taking control with track and trace.
And it’s an easy win, with a typical ROI of under 24 months.

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