Build relationships that last with powerful self-service experiences.

EngageOne® Liaison™

Your customers want to do more online. EngageOne Liaison delivers the satisfying experience they're looking for. Now you can offer digital self service that's simple to use, personal and far more engaging. 

EngageOne Liaison makes it easy to transform your online billing services into uniquely personalised, satisfying experiences. You can reduce costs and take the pressure off your call centre by providing access to clear answers in just a few clicks, any time, on any device.

Use insights from customer data to serve up relevant messages and offers at just the right time. Innovative features such as interactive bills and video explainers lead to powerful engagements that reflect each customer's needs and preferences.

With EngageOne Liaison you can:

  • Quickly create customised portals that meet customer needs.
  • Connect front and back office systems so customer data can be shared easily.
  • Build on your existing systems and processes.
  • Add new capabilities incrementally, as needed.
  • Enrich your existing solution with innovative features including interactive, personalised video.
  • Support complex corporate hierarchies and multiple back office systems.


  • Support web, mobile, SMS and IVR.
  • Offer consumer and B2B billing solutions.
  • Handle complex account structures and hierarchies.


  • Adapts to the needs of small or large billers
  • Includes use-case models that make customisation easy


  • Reduces call centre volume
  • Enables agents to act on behalf of the customer


  • Rich functionalities help customers do more with their bills
  • In-bill help pre-empts the need for calls

Easy to install and use

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Rapid implementation
  • On premise or in the cloud


  • Analytics help you understand individual customers and trends
  • Intuitively reflect customer needs

EngageOne Liaison can be tailored to the specific needs of your industry. It is quick to deploy, and significantly lowers total cost of ownership compared to other solutions.

  • Telecommunications
  • Cable
  • Utilities
  • Financial Services