Fast access to customer communications through business systems and portals

EngageOne® Vault

Improve customer service, digital self-service and compliance while reducing costs. The EngageOne Vault interactive document archive and retrieval system offers the fast, flexible deployment and exceptional performance you need.  

EngageOne Vault brings unrivalled simplicity, speed and flexibility to customer communications archive and retrieval. Vault indexes and retains millions of customer communications in their original format, and provides instant, effortless access through your CRM, billing, ECM, and client-facing portals.

Built-in compatibilities include content-management interoperability services (CMIS). These accelerate and simplify deployment. Vault can be deployed and connected to your business applications in a matter of weeks instead of months. You’ll quickly benefit from more efficient communications delivery and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Provide call-center employees with a view to the exact customer communications that customers see, so they can resolve customer billing inquiries faster.
  • Offer customers self-service access to communications via brand-based web portals.
  • Archive customer communications in compliance with governing policies.
  • Reduce the costs of reproducing and redelivering customer communications.

Share securely.

Now you can provide access to specific customer communications for discovery purposes. Use Vault to excerpt the relevant communications for collections, lawsuits, or compliance reviews, then place them in a portable archive with full search and retrieval functionality. Users only have access to the excerpted communications, so the security and privacy of your full archive is protected.

Business Benefits

Increase call centre productivity

  • Faster time to resolution
  • Lower average talk time

Expand digital self service

  • Make it easier for customers to locate the communications they need
  • Provide convenient access to the call centre through digital channels

Enhance engagement

  • Add links to customer service on billing statements
  • Create opportunities for cross-sell and upsell

Technical Benefits

Powerful and scalable

  • Advanced compression technology
  • Process and index more than 2.5 million pages per hour
  • Scale to meet changing business needs
  • No performance degradation as archive grows

Rapid deployment

  • Up and running in a matter of weeks
  • Access via existing interfaces

Easy integration

  • Interoperable with existing content management systems
    and other business applications
  • Uses industry-standard hardware
  • No call-centre retraining required


  • Secured by your enterprise authentication system

EngageOne Vault is the ideal for organisations that generate large volumes of customer communications such as Financial Services, Insurance and Telecommunications.

Enterprise-wide benefits

Gain a swift return on investment through rapid deployment, minimal hardware and storage requirements, and easy integration with existing CRM, ECM and other business systems.

Customer service 

Retrieve customer documents in seconds from within your CRM system. There’s no need to change interfaces or retrain call center staff. Call center representatives can search by customer name or other criteria to access a customer's communication history. They can see the exact communication that the customer is viewing. This translates to faster issue resolution and shorter calls.

Digital self-service

Provide a better customer experience. Fast digital access to many years’ worth of documents means that questions and issues can be resolved quickly for greater satisfaction.


Compress and store documents in their original format for quick, complete and accurate recreation at any time.

Legal and collections

Use Vault to excerpt and create fully functional portable archives, so you can share access to selected customer documents without compromising privacy or security.


Link retrieved documents to relevant offers for improved cross-sell and upsell.