Step by step print to mail optimisation


Mailhub software from Pitney Bowes brings the benefits of cutting edge document and workflow management to enhance your mailings. 

Mailhub will help you increase productivity, enhance operational efficiency and improve document integrity, through print and postal optimisation to control cost and drive profitable growth.


Cost Savings

  • Access postal discounts
  • Consolidate mailing
  • Eliminate manual processes

Eliminate Errors

  • Cleanse addresses to reduce returned mail
  • Implement integrity and security to documents
  • Automate the insertion and verification of every item

Overcome Operational Issues

  • Integrate with existing business systems easily
  • Enhance documents in a virtual print stream enviroment

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MailHub will enhance your existing documents without any intervention or expensive changes to your existing IT infrastructure. Enhancements available through MailHub:-

Add coloured text and images or a digital form to replace pre printed stationary
Verify addresses to eliminate return to sender mail and maximise postal discounts
Add inserter control and integrity marks such as OMR and Barcode
Add marketing messages to transform your transactional documents


Whether in an office environment or a busy post room/repro centre, MailHub can drive any type of printer or MFD. Reducing costs in production can be achieved by taking original print data input and printing on standardised stationary.


Whilst documents are prepared for print and automated insertion MailHub provides the ability to simultaneously produce PDF output for archive, web or email distribution.


With no IT intervention required MailHub allows you to manage your documents and workflow with ease. It also provides fully automated, closed loop reprint solution with PB inserter integrity systems to ensure you meet today’s stringent privacy and compliance laws.