Worldwide zones of natural disaster risk as determined by the CRESTA organisation

CRESTA zone maps are used to determine areas of elevated risk of natural hazards, particularly earthquakes, storms and floods. The zones are a widely accepted standard among the international insurance and reinsurance industries.

The CRESTA Zones product depicts worldwide zones of natural disaster risks as determined by the CRESTA organisation*. Established by the insurance and reinsurance industry in 1977 as an independent body, the organisation aims to provide a uniform standard for data accumulation control of natural hazards worldwide. 

*Catastrophe Risk Evaluating and Standardizing Target Accumulations (CRESTA) is currently managed by Munich Re and Swiss Re. Learn more about the CRESTA organization at


Analyse risk probability and exposure.

Determine insurance premiums.

Measure and report risk accumulations on a unified regional basis.


Data Visualisation

  • Analyse exposure data on digital maps
  • Choose the regional level to accumulate and display data
  • Determine country-specific zones for the uniform and detailed reporting of exposure data (e.g. relating to hazards)


  • Templates to exchange exposure data in the industry based on the ACORD standard.
  • Provide zoning list templates for the insurance industry.

Develop New Features

  • For example, CRESTA zone look-up using coordinates