Metro Boundaries

Map boundaries of the top metropolitan areas across the U.S. and Canada, providing expanded visualisation, search and analytic utility.

Metro Boundaries offers map boundaries that identify the geographic extent of the key metropolitan areas across the US and Canada. These boundaries provide a detailed description of metro areas that more accurately depicts the economic, cultural and population concentrations than the traditional US Census Bureau’s CBSA definitions.

  • Includes urban areas in which population concentration is greater than 50,000 and population density is greater than 1,000 people per square mile.
  • Based on population concentrations, economic activity and commute patterns
  • Includes boundaries, centroids, names and additional attribute data
  • Updated quarterly
  • Format availability: Shapefile, TAB, PostGIS, MySQL, WKT, KML


Fully compatible with all Communities products, delivering interoperability with Hospitals, Residential and Neighbourhood Boundaries.

Extends the geostack to provide the necessary foundation for web, mobile and desktop applications.

Offers increased functionality of search visualisation of analytics within industries such as real estate, search/local, direct marketing, and more.


Real estate sales

Prospective home and business buyers often choose a neighbourhood before they choose a property. Showing properties by metro gets prospects in front of the real estate they want, quickly and easily.

Goods and services

Traditional search engines and niche media companies have gone local, by pointing people to the nearest goods and services. Metro Boundaries adds value to Neighbourhoods, as it provides a search method that is most relevant to the way people think about their local geographies.

Social media

Social providers are increasingly looking for ways to organise their customers or data by regional geographies. Metro Boundaries makes dataset management and organisation simple.