MapInfo Pro™ - Desktop GIS

See it faster, solve it sooner

Access more data, gain richer insight and find the right answer with ease.

  • Flexible map displays
  • Instant customisation
  • Robust background maps
  • Advanced analytics
  • Smarter calculations

MapInfo Pro™

Map a more successful future


Make and share maps as beautiful as they are intelligent. Easily combine data, analytics and base maps to discover insights you won’t find in spreadsheets or charts.


The familiar ribbon-based interface works just like the applications you use every day. With our intuitive design, you don’t need to be a computer whiz to become a map master.


Visualise data in less time than ever and update themes, layers and legends instantly. Take advantage of our next generation raster GIS capabilities with MapInfo Pro Advanced


Integrate MapInfo Pro with your existing IT systems. It’s totally compatible with today’s most common PC data formats as well as relational and spatial databases.

Customer Case Studies

Territory mapping boosts customer experience

Domino’s optimised franchise locations, managing and updating territories to find and satisfy its hungriest customers.

Read the case study

Mine greater profits with precise mapping.

Cominco created a detailed map of a large, remote geography, identifying exactly where they could mine minerals in the most cost-efficient way.

Read the case study

Accurate boundaries pinpoint areas of opportunity.

Market researcher GfK accelerated insights, drawing the exact boundaries needed to calculate social-demographics for postcodes worldwide.

Read the case study

Features and Capabilities

Easier to use

Create thematic maps with ease. Update your legend and data range bins without leaving your map.

  • Interactive and intuitive
  • Ribbon-based navigation
  • Quick-click dropdowns and rollover displays
  • Instant feedback from gallery controls

Customised experience

  • Tailor the ribbon with your own tabs and groups.
  • Customise keyboard shortcuts.
  • Automate common tasks.
  • Build custom solutions with MapBasic.

Total data compatibility

MapInfo Pro integrates easily with your existing systems and platforms, supporting a wide range of data and GIS formats.

Common PC files:

  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Access
  • DBF
  • CSV and delimited ASCII text files

Relational and spatial databases:

  • Oracle®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • PostGIS
  • SQLite
  • ODBC compliant databases

Spatial data:

  • AutoCAD® DXF/DWG
  • SHP
  • DGN
  • GML
  • KML
  • OGC GeoPackage
  • And more

Maps and imagery:

  • WMTS (background maps)
  • WMS and WFS services
  • Aerial images
  • Satellite images
  • Scanned paper maps
  • Microsoft® Bing maps

Data creation and editing

Access a vast selection of data creation and editing tools.

  • Edit your tabular and spatial data.
  • Utilise over 40 CAD-like utilities.
  • Make changes to all your maps and data in a single application.

Flexible visualisation options

Enjoy simple-to-use display wizards and detailed customisation options.

  • Load raster datasets as background maps.
  • Overlay point, line and polygon data.
  • Modify the style and look of any dataset using powerful analysis and display techniques.
  • Aggregate values using advanced statistical and math functions.

Powerful raster GIS analysis

Achieve more with MapInfo Pro Advanced.

  • High-resolution grid data of immense size
  • Comprehensive visualisation options (e.g. analytical hill shading)
  • Powerful grid analysis (e.g. slope calculation, line-of-sight analysis)
  • Advanced grid analysis using an easy-to-use Grid Calculator

Easy results sharing

  • Print, publish and share your maps with ease.
  • Add legends and charts using our Wizards.
  • Share, save or export data in commonly used formats.
  • Take fast action from your insights.

The Location Intelligence Suite

Access a comprehensive set of integrated GIS offerings.

  • Server, web and mobile mapping and GIS applications
  • A comprehensive data catalogue of over 350 datasets
  • Accurate global geocoding
  • Data quality and integration capabilities
  • Business Intelligence platform support


MapInfo Pro™ Premium Services: Up-to-date worldwide street mapping at the click of a button

Up-to-date worldwide street mapping at the click of a button, the MapInfo Pro Premium Services option provides access to Bing Road maps and other functionality to MI Pro users.

For those that require background street mapping, this service provides incomparable value.

Download the data sheet.


Broad coverage: High quality maps for large parts of the world.

Up-to-date reference maps: The background data is constantly being updated.

Low cost: Very cost effective source of worldwide background mapping.

Low effort: This service avoids the need for installing and managing data yourself. Just access it with a click of a button in MapInfo Pro.

Improved ease of use! The look up utility provides an easy way to zoom the map to any place name, address or point of address in the Bing service gazetteer!

MapBasic®: Customise MapInfo Pro

The MapBasic development environment is a freely downloadable programming language for MapInfo Pro. It can be used for any sort of customisation from simply hiding or rearranging a few menus to creating comprehensive mapping applications. Knowledge of programming is helpful but if you are new to programming, MapBasic provides extensive on-line help, documentation and sample applications.


Easy to learn and use

MapBasic comes with a simple development environment and includes a detailed help system. In addition a comprehensive MapBasic User’s Guide and Reference Manual are also included. A range of sample applications, from simple demonstration examples and code snippets to complex applications are also provided.

A range of applications

MapBasic can be used for automating repetitive tasks, adding new capabilities to MapInfo Pro or even creating specific mapping solutions for a particular use or industry. An example of adding a new capability to MapInfo Pro is the Distance Calculator tool; one of the many tools in MapInfo Pro’s Tool Manager.

Source code from the experts.

The default installation of MapInfo Pro includes a number of useful tools and utilities in the Tool Manager. Source code for nearly all of these tools is provided with MapBasic. Also, you can add your own MapBasic applications to the Tool Manager so they are always available with a few clicks. You can even specify your MapBasic applications to run by default when you start MapInfo Pro.

User-generated tools.

MapBasic allows the development of software in popular programming languages such as C, C++ and Visual Basic to help automate repetitive operations in MapInfo Pro. Hundreds of third party applications have been created using this flexible development environment, many of which are offered to the MapInfo Community for free.