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Les années 1990

Essor de l’innovation

Depuis notre création, nous cherchons à rationaliser le traitement du courrier. Dans les années 90, Pitney Bowes a créé la première machine intégrée de traitement du courrier qui, en un seul passage, pèse et affranchit le courrier.

De 1990 à 2020

Aujourd’hui, nos machines de traitement du courrier de la série P sont le nec plus ultra en matière de productivité, d’intelligence et de flexibilité pour les gros volumes. Notre esprit d’inventeur nous pousse à innover et à améliorer nos produits et services en permanence.


Pitney Bowes launches the Personal Post Office™, which delivered unprecedented convenience, efficiency and savings to small businesses and at-home offices. Customer demand increased sharply.


Pitney Bowes celebrates the Grand Opening of its new Technology Center, located in Shelton, CT.

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Pitney Bowes employees organize a relief fund for employees impacted by Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 hurricane that wreaked human hardship and economic devastation throughout southern Florida.


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Pitney Bowes introduces Paragon, the first integrated mail processor capable of weighing different mail items during the auto-feed and affixing the correct postage to each. It was promoted with the theme: Weighs on the way.

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The Pitney Bowes Bank is established. It provides clients innovative ways to pre-fund their postage. Today, 80% of meter resets and 71% of postage volume is facilitated by our bank. That same year, we also introduced Purchase Power®, a financial service that revolutionized how businesses pay for postage by extending a line of credit from Pitney Bowes.


Pitney Bowes invests in new health and wellness programs for our employees, another step forward in our corporate culture. By emphasizing prevention, diet, exercise and early diagnosis, we hope to encourage a healthier, more positive long-term outcome for our workforce.

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With the launch of our D3 software, Pitney Bowes enters the digital document delivery segment, which allows for message management via email, fax, hard copy and web.


Pitney Bowes introduces Click Stamp Online, the first process to print postage without a physical meter. This game-changing innovation paves the way for ecommerce and shipping.


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Pitney Bowes launches the Reserve Account, which enables clients to prepay into a deposit account for their postage.