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Customer Communications Solutions

If you need to get the message out quickly and effectively, then consider using our customer communications solutions.

Our DOC1 customer communications software can help you create high-volume communications in a short amount of time - so you can produce personalised batches to send out to clients without eating into valuable resources or time.

The customer communications solutions software is easily adaptable to your business needs and, since all our software is built with you in mind, our solutions do not require a high level of technical expertise to create fast, accurate communications.

How customer communications solutions work

There are a number of ways in which our customer communications solutions can work for your business. Merging live databases with publication design software, customer communications solutions can offer your company -

  • Personalised documents
  • Multichannel distribution
  • Data acquisition
  • Design features
  • Content management

Use our customer communications solutions to connect with your client base in a personalised manner, while also keeping your documents up to date with company branding, logos and names.

Improve your business - with customer communications solutions

Using our customer communications solutions can drastically speed up your business processes, by taking the hassle out of high-volume communications and giving you the time to focus on other areas of business growth. Our DOC1 customer communications software is -

  • Fast - create, manage and deliver communications from one place
  • Accurate - spell checking in a range of languages
  • Simple to use - designed to be user-friendly
  • Flexible - change at the click of a button
  • Improve customer communications.

Key features of our customer communications solutions

Revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers, and enhance your business' productivity with our customer communications solutions.

Effective communications management

Our DOC1 customer communications software helps you get it right every time and improves accuracy.

  • Enhance productivity with integrated data acquisition and content management
  • Manage all users from one place
  • Improve customer care, with simple document filing systems and easy to search archive

Faster and more efficient processes

Time is money, so speed up processes with our customer communications solutions.

  • Produce thousands of pages per second
  • Create one file as a template
  • Use custom settings and formats

User-friendly solutions

Designed with you in mind, our DOC1 customer communications software is simple yet effective.

  • Uses familiar layout features, such as tables, text boxes, headers and footer
  • Simple to change layouts
  • Automatically updates design for compatibility with target media
  • Uses standard Windows font
  • Easy to import fonts and images from your existing productions

Speak your customer's language

Tailor your communications to meet your customers' needs, with the multi-language spell checking feature.

  • Spell check in a range of languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and various Arabic and Indian dialects.

No programming skills required

You don't need to be a programming expert to get the most out of our customer communications solutions.

  • Uses application logic to help you create personalised communications
  • Simple document design
  • Intuitive interface allows you to interact visually.