Consolidate data records to improve communications

Spectrumâ„¢ Advanced Matching Module

Identify and understand the relationships between data records to enhance business processes.

Advanced Matching

Accurate data depends on identifying duplicates - which is where our advanced matching software can help. If your business depends upon precision data for marketing or other vital activities and communications, then our advanced matching software can help you to improve and streamline your processes.

Making a simple mistake when recording customer information can lead to poor data quality, failed postal delivery, bad communications and eroded brand reputation. Make sure your organisation appears professional and dependable at all times, with our advanced matching software.

Use our advanced matching software to manage multiple databases, and to identify and understand the relationships between records.

Helpful features of our advanced matching module

The Advanced Matching Module is part of our Spectrum Technology Platform, and helps your business consolidate databases to create smoother processes. Choose from a range of sophisticated name and advanced matching features to gain a clearer picture of your customer base. Our advanced matching module allows you to -

  • Match records
  • Filter - by deleting duplicates, for example
  • Compare records
  • Create groups
  • Find records that match specific requirements
  • Copy desired fields to other records

What advanced matching can do for you

Our advanced matching software is simple to use, yet highly effective. Ensuring you have a reliable, accurate data within your organisation is integral to the success of your business. Address matching can:

  • Increase efficiency in your business
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Improve communications
  • Encourage excellent customer relations.

Key Features of our advanced matching module

Our advanced matching software is packed with features to help you ensure that the data your business depends on is accurate and reliable, so you can streamline your operations and increase the cost-effectiveness of your organisation.

Powerful and robust

Our advanced matching software can match records within a single input file, or across any number of input files, making it powerful enough to meet all of your requirements.

The Advanced Matching Module for the Spectrum Technology Platform features flexible pre-defined rules, designed in accordance with best practice guidelines, enabling you to carry out a range of record matching operations, including:

  • Name and address matching
  • Household matching
  • Firm matching

You can use our advanced matching software to identify matches or to supress duplicate records, depending upon your requirements.

Flexible and customisable

Our advanced matching software is flexible enough for you to customise its rules to suit your individual business needs. Define your own data record matching criteria, set the appropriate matching sensitivity level for the task you are undertaking, merge and consolidate your data easily and accurately, and carry out matching on any type of data.

You can use our advanced matching software in real-time or batch mode, and preview your output confirming your criteria and rules are correct before running against the entire set of data.

An international knowledgebase

Whether you're conducting business locally, nationally or internationally, our advanced matching software's built-in international knowledge base will help you to ensure your records are accurate.

The Advanced Matching Module compares name data against name variations from 110 countries, including different spellings and common nicknames, in order to optimise the process of identifying duplicate records.