Standardise data for a uniform customer experience

Spectrum Data Normalization Module

Standardise terms in your database to create a uniform experience for all of your customers.

Spectrum Data Normalisation Module

Talking to your customers in their own language is often all it takes for them to engage with your business and to create a meaningful relationship. Using our data normalisation software, you can ensure that your clients enjoy a consistent experience that will secure all-important return business for your organisation.

Data normalisation works with your systems to standardise data to create greater consistency across your organisation where that data is utilised. With our data normalisation software, you can set data quality standards and enforce data uniformity.

Optimise data through normalisation

Create a tailored experience for your customers with consistent, accurate data and allow your company to stand out from the rest. Our data normalisation software can be used in a number of ways to optimise data, for example:

  • Create culturally specific grammar
  • Identify and isolate key data from streaming data fields
  • Standardise customer, location, asset and product data
  • Ensure consistent data is used across all domains

Advanced standardisation features of data normalisation

Our data normalisation software features a number of key capabilities that will help you further improve the standardisation of information in your company. The following features can also greatly enhance data quality:

  • User-defined domains - Create standards and dictionaries for domains, from product names and branding elements, to business-specific terms
  • Multi-level standardisation - Change full words to abbreviates, nicknames to full names and correct misspellings
  • Easy comparisons - Use IDs to compare data
  • Pre-populated industry terms - Improve accuracy with a set dictionary of industry terms.

Key Features of our Data Normalisation Software

Our data normalisation software is designed to help you to improve your data standardisation processes and ensure that your data assets are presented consistently across your organisation. Create standards and dictionaries to validate data, then detect incorrect data and correct it with its proper value.

Flexible and customisable

Our data normalisation software is flexible and can be customised to meet your organisation's requirements. Dictionaries and rules can be created to address translating data values (i.e., turning business terms into product names) and implement standards for the use of abbreviations, nicknames and more.

International data normalisation

Ideally suited for use in businesses with global client bases, our data normalisation software supports data standardisation for multiple languages and culturally-specific terms, including Arabic names.

Data extraction and parsing

Our Spectrum Data Normalization Module enables you to identify and extract key data elements, splitting the original data into separate fields according to rules you define.