Upgrading a network requires major capital investment, planning and financial control. Deep topographical insight into existing network assets and location is essential in order to make the best decisions about what, where, when and how to upgrade. In addition to the upgrade, assets and equipment need to be maintained for safety, compliance and financial reasons.

How to Optimise Network Planning and Performance Management:

  • Location Intelligence
    Through visualisation of location; faults and reoccurring problems can easily be identified. You can track and plot the shortest route to the fault site or customer site and track and monitor work costs. You can also anticipate and ensure sufficient capacity for high intensity areas and one-off events.
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  • Data Management
    Combine your own enterprise data with data from third-party sources to provide unprecedented levels of insight into network asset locations and customer demographics. Analysis of the current network can determine areas of under-usage and a review of market data can predict areas of growing demand.
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  • Asset Management
    With effective asset management, you can implement a proactive maintenance practice across all asset types. Engineers can be enabled to have the right information to carry out their work efficiently and effectively.