Flexible platform giving you consist high performance

Mailstream Evolution Inserting System

The Mailstream Evolution Inserting System can be built to meet your current needs and then expand as your requirements grow. You can process DL envelopes at up to 14,000 mailpieces per hour, C5 envelopes at up to 12,000 mailpieces per hour and flats mail up to 9,000 mailpieces per hour.

The Mailstream Evolution Inserting System

Based on the highly reliable Pitney Bowes FPS Split Drive Inserting System, the Mailstream Evolution Inserting System incorporates several enhancements that provide increased flexibility, productivity and integrity. These product enhancements include an integrated 'No Changeover' module which reduces the time it takes to change from letters to flats, as well as automated document factory capabilities for a faster job changeover, job reconciliation and envelope finishing.

There is a Mailstream Evolution to suit your business needs.

  • Positioned for growth
    Production mailers must strike a balance between cost-effectively meeting today's needs and optimising for future growth potential. This can lead to compromises, from investing in more technology than is currently required, to foregoing future opportunities. With the Mailstream Evolution there is no need to compromise, the flexible system provides the ability to expand your capabilities when your mail finishing needs grow.
  • Built for productivity
    In today's economy everyone is expected to do more with less. Production mailers must consider every possible tactic which could help reduce costs, while meeting the SLAs their internal and external customers demand, every time. With the Mailstream Evolution, you can rely on consistency, predictability, integrity and flexible configuration options for higher overall productivity.
  • Built for flexibility
    For many mailrooms the road to success is being able to handle whatever mail comes their way. Differences range from the type of inputs provided; including cutsheets, continuous forms and different barcode types in various page locations, to the type of final output required such as letters and flats. The Mailstream Evolution enables you to process all of this on a single platform.