TrueSort™ automated parcel solutions

Tailor made, high-speed parcel sorting systems

Industry tested hardware and software solutions that automate manual tasks and seamlessly integrate with virtually any backend flat file, database or web services ERP system.

Addressing the need to automate manual sorting processes, TrueSort™ automated parcel solutions sort a robust combination of parcels, polywrap bags, magazines and flats with speed and precision. Its flexible design enables you to customise and expand your sorting solutions to meet changing business needs with minimal downtime and cost.

More Efficient

More efficient

Process parcels with greater speed and accuracy than manual sorting.  Lower labour requirements and cost per mail piece.

Save Money

Save money

Reduce cost of parcel fulfilment and delivery by automating tasks of reading, weighing, labelling and sorting parcels or flats.

Precise Data Tracking

Precise data tracking

Proprietary business logic software provides access to the full parcel processing data stream for tracking, reporting and making critical business decisions.

Accurate Results

Accurate results

Best-in-class cameras, lighting and software produces accurate read rates for barcodes and machine printed and handwritten labels.

Whether sorting parcels in sacks or cartons, singular or in bulk, Pitney Bowes will tailor a solution to suit any induction scenario. Our best-in-class image capture, lighting and software technology will read addresses, 1D and 2D barcodes with the highest accuracy in the industry.

In-line scale and 3D measurement options are available for all weigh on-the-fly, dimensioning and certification needs. Depending on the size, type and fragility of the parcels, a variety of automatic printing and labelling solutions can be integrated into a sorting system.

Throughput and material handling requirements vary widely for parcel sorting systems. As there is no technology that can be universally applied, Pitney Bowes offers an extensive range of integrated diversion systems and will consult with you to deliver a solution that fits your space, application and budget.

Features & Benefits

Value-Add Features:

  • Full or semi-automated parcel loading
  • Pitney Bowes Business Logic Processing (BLP) software
  • Industry leading image capture technology
  • Operator interface built on web-based platform
  • Automated label print and apply technology
  • Variety of industry-tested sorting technologies
  • In-line weighing and 3D measurement

Smart, sophisticated and scalable parcel solutions

Parcel sorting for a transforming market