As an integral part of our business strategy Pitney Bowes Ltd commits to continually improve its overall environmental performance, and that all operations will be performed in compliance with legal and corporate standards.

We will communicate our environmental issues and performance to all interested stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, and other interested parties.

This policy statement is available to the public, and will be reviewed annually to ensure alignment with our business activities.

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The Environment
Contact: Environment Engineer Telephone: 01279 449582 Sound environmental management by business and industry is recognised as an important step towards achieving sustainable development. Since 1997, Pitney Bowes has been registered to ISO 14001 the international standard for environmental management systems.

ISO 14001 registration is important for Pitney Bowes providing a clear demonstration to all stakeholders of it’s long standing commitment to environmental protection. The standard incorporates environmental issues with continuous improvement into core business planning.

Certification Body: British Standards Institute
Certification No.:EMS 36768