pb smart QR codepbSmart Codes

With a few simple steps, you can easily print a QR code with your Pitney Bowes Connect+ System and add value to every mailing. With PBSmart Codes, we will generate your QR codes, and have them ready for download onto your Connect+

  • Avoid unnecessary mail processing costs
  • Combine physical and digital mail distribution
  • Eliminate paper distribution of incoming mail

Why use a QR code?

Printing QR codes directly from your Connect+ means every envelope can deliver web content to match or compliment the message inside. It allows you to put encoded information on the outside of every envelope or mailing and is a great way to connect with your customers

The Benefits of QR Codes

  • They are easy. Customers just point their phone at the QR code and are connected to your site instantly
  • They do not need special technology
  • They are fast. Successful Direct Mail drive people to take action within the first few minutes of receiving a mail piece. What is faster than connecting to your site instantly?
  • They are trackable. Any organisation can create a unique URL for a specific QR code campaign, or generate PURLs (personalised URLs) for a mailing and measure individual response rates
  • They are hot! People get excited about what is cool and new and will tell their friends. This adds a viral element to any mailing campaign and expands the reach beyond the direct recipient

Find out more at: www.pbsmartcodes.co.uk

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