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Achieve Pinpoint Accuracy with Modernised Address Management

By Kevin Ricks, Director of Product Management, Communications Delivery Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Think about some of your most common numerical identifiers. Your date of birth. Your credit card numbers. Your mobile phone number. Your home address.

For the most part, these numbers are constant – they either don't change at all, or only very rarely. That is, with the exception of your home address.

People move around a lot. Whether it's a university student leaving their childhood home, a first-time homeowner relocating, or a retiree headed for a warmer climate, over 30% of all Australians have moved within the last five years.

For those organisations trying to reach these nomads through the mail, it can feel like trying to hit a moving target – never mind the fact that they might not even know the target is in motion!

What's more, the organisations often do themselves no favours with how they manage their address databases internally. Most companies operate multiple, disconnected engines and data sources – mail operations, CRM, ERP and more – that contain customer address data.

For these reasons, it becomes nearly impossible to achieve 100 percent address accuracy, and the result is a broken connection between the customer and the business. Sometimes, it’s one that is never repaired.

How to Hit the Moving Target

To keep up with their contacts, organisations need a modernised way to update, verify and standardise addresses. It starts with address verification software, which captures address information wherever it's hiding within the organisation, allowing organisations to achieve real-time accuracy.

By modernising and enhancing the way you manage customer addresses across their enterprise in different departments and systems, and even regions of the world, you’ll be able to improve address accuracy and precision, for more efficiency and reliability of operations.

Think about some of the benefits of deploying address verification software. When you're on the phone with a customer and need to look up their address, you'd have it right at your fingertips. When you send a mailer, you’d be confident it will arrive at the right address, and that it's personalised to align with the preferences of the people living wherever you send it.

Your business will be able to deliver customers more tailored, localised offers, accelerate sales and adoption, lower costs of customer service, and improve customer satisfaction.

Why try to hit a moving target when you don’t have to?

To learn more, please download our recent webcast "Address Management Modernisation Strategies for Lower Costs and a Better Customer Experience"