Customer Engagement

Nationwide personalises customer interactions to grow market share

Nationwide uses a custom “scoping wheel” to present the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

Client profile

The world's largest building society

Serves roughly 15 million members

Accomplished user of customer data

Business Goals

Deliver highly personalised services to members

Consolidate views of each customer’s every interaction

Capture data from digital banking channels


Developed 360° views of each of its customers

Aligned offers and services to customer needs

Improved cross-sell, up-sell and market share

Technologies Used


"When your customers own your business, it is especially important to treat each of them as an individual, to make each of them feel valued. Pitney Bowes technology is providing Nationwide with a real-time single view of its customers to help align offers and promotions to customer needs." Alex Bannister,
Head of retail strategy division,
Nationwide Building Society

As a large financial institution operating in a competitive marketplace, Nationwide Building Society wanted to distinguish itself, and increase its market share, by delivering highly personalised services and offers to its member customers. To produce those types of tailored offerings, Nationwide needed to develop a more comprehensive view of each of its customer's interactions with the institution. 

Business Need

Nationwide knows well the power of customer data when it’s effectively employed to deepen relationships. Through its long-standing partnership with Pitney Bowes, the company has used Portrait software as the engine behind its multi-channel customer relationship management system. Other Portrait-based solutions from Pitney Bowes boosted sales performance by delivering targeted offers to online banking customers and giving employees a broader, deeper understanding of customer needs.

But Nationwide operates in a rapidly evolving consumer environment, with Internet banking and mobile banking becoming more prevalent. Nationwide needed to capture information from those channels to better align offerings with customer needs and further improve its market share. The building society also wanted to improve customer satisfaction with its products and services to support its strategic objective of ranking first in this area. 


Pitney Bowes developed and implemented a scoping wheel — a digital representation of each customer's entire financial relationship with Nationwide — using Portrait Interaction Optimizer™. This innovative tool provides employees with precise insight into each customer's banking behaviours, plus it aligns offers with those behaviours. Nationwide employees can now present relevant offers to customers when they visit or call the institution. For example, a customer with a high credit rating who abandons an online mortgage application can be offered refinancing at a low rate when she calls customer service with a checking account question. The Pitney Bowes software solution also provides streamlined processes for referring customers from Nationwide branches, call centres and website to the sales team for follow up, as appropriate.


"The scoping wheel has helped us to better understand the needs of each of our customers, so we can match our services and offerings to those needs." Alex Bannister,
Head of retail strategy division,
Nationwide Building Society

As a result of its ongoing relationship with Pitney Bowes, Nationwide has been able to develop 360° views of each of its customer’s relationships with the building society and deliver this into channel touch points.

With these coalesced views, the building society is able to better tailor its response to customer requests. This aids cross-sell and up-sell efforts while helping the company to improve customer service and capture greater market share. As a result, the building society expects to improve its customer satisfaction and attract new customers. 

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