Cut costs by going paperless with EngageOne e-Messaging

EngageOne e-Messaging

Use EngageOne e-Messaging to maintain brand consistency while enhancing message personalization in emails and texts. Improve customer care response. And comply with storage and retrieval legislation across multi-channel communications.

Ensure brand voice and messaging consistency across channels. Without redesigning content send customers any communication they currently receive on paper via email or text. Manage bounces spam and other deliverability issues. Enhance personalization and improve call center response.

With EngageOne e-Messaging you can maintain an up-to-date view of all communications regardless of channel both inbound and outbound and integrate inbound email and SMS into streamlined workflows. EngageOne e-Messaging complies with current security regulations by featuring encryption and digital signatures.


Create and manage electronic communications

  • Generate automated personalized emails and SMS texts
  • Send automated responses relevant to original message content
  • Improve response time to customer queries
  • Manage message bounceback and provide graphs of messages sent delivery failures responses and more

Manage communication across multiple channels

  • Eliminate duplicate customer communication
  • Manage multichannel communications from a single environment
  • Display e-messaging content for any medium
  • Increase personalization of automated messages
  • Facilitate full reporting and event monitoring

Improve efficiencies and reduce costs

  • Elevate call center responsiveness
  • Provide structured processing for all customer service email and text messages
  • Route inquiries automatically to appropriately teams

Archive customer service messages with e-Messaging

  • Archive all emails and text communication
  • Comply with storage and retrieval legislation for emails and texts


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