Revolutionise your online billing services

EngageOne™ Liaison

The online solution that tailors online and mobile billing experiences to meet the needs of your business and your customers.  

Online Billing & Customer Services

Revolutionise your online billing services with EngageOne Liaison - a single online solution that tailors online and mobile billing experiences to meet the needs of both your business and your customers. Our sophisticated billing service will help you to better understand trends, improve service, reduce costs and increase revenue, making it simpler for you to build up your business.

EngageOne Liaison effectively analyses customer transaction history, online behaviour, and profile data to deliver superior solutions for:

  • Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP)
  • Self-service
  • Billing intelligence
  • Mobile and customer-care
  • Personalised document creation
  • High performance archive and storage
  • Facilitating corporate responsibility conversations via interactive voice response systems

Efficient and personalised online billing services

If you're looking for an efficient online billing service that is highly personalised to your business and customer needs, EngageOne Liaison is the ideal solution.

Using superior customer intelligence, EngageOne Liaison allows you to personalise your services down to individual user level so you can present tailored offers and communications.

Improve customer relationships with EngageOne Liaison

In today's automated world, your customers will appreciate being treated as an individual when you use EngageOne Liaison for your online billing services.

By providing a feature-rich and highly personalised online user experience that intuitively understands your customers' needs, you'll improve customer loyalty and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Key Features of our Online Billing Services Software

Our EngageOne Liaison software is the perfect online billing services solution and it's packed with outstanding features.

Efficient, individualised billing capabilities

EngageOne Liaison provides you with a single solution for billing and customer service, helping you to drive efficiency within your business, whilst also enabling you to tailor billing communications to the needs of individual customers.

With our online billing services software, you can:

  • Implement a total e-billing solution offering e-presentment, payment (EBPP), billing intelligence, mobile and customer care, personalised document creation and high performance archive/storage
  • Enable two-way customer service representative (CSR) conversations to receive and respond to questions via interactive voice response (IVR).

Superb marketing-focused micro-segmentation functions

Our online billing services software enables you to use what you know about your customers to present them with better targeted offers, helping you to increase revenue.

Choose EngageOne Liaison and you can:

  • Offer true micro-segmentation at the individual user level through customer intelligence to drive tailored offers and adoption marketing
  • Increase sales and revenue by micro-segmenting customers, and creating personalised online interactions and offers based on their historical online behaviour.

Individualises customer billing communications

With our EngageOne Liaison online billing services software, you can personalise your billing and customer service processes and communications to suit individual customers. This can help you to improve and expand customer relationships, and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Using EngageOne Liaison can help you to:

  • Improve customer loyalty by presenting them with a feature-rich, personalised online user experience
  • Retain customers by treating them as individuals - our software intuitively assesses each customer's needs based on past activity, so you can present them with tailored options.