Gain real time access to huge volumes with a compact footprint.

EngageOne® Vault

Save customer documents, email and SMS communications for instant online access and regulatory compliance. This powerful repository is easy to integrate with business systems including accounting, billing, customer care, call center and CRM applications.

Benefit from real-time indexing compression storage and data retrieval with this high-speed document and data archiving platform.

See what your customer sees in seconds with Vault's real-time data archiving search and retrieval capabilities. Vault can provide your organization with instant access to years' worth of stored data including statements policies and correspondence. And you can easily integrate Vault into your company website and provide concurrent access for thousands of users.

Gain superb print viewing and reprinting capabilities generate CDs DVDs or FTP-delivered images with integrated searching and viewing and avoid producing unnecessary paper copies and costly reprints.

With Vault industry-standard hardware is used for storage and retrieval to minimize storage-device maintenance and expense. Advanced compression technology indexes and processes in real-time. Data archiving capabilities are easily integrated with internal applications and third-party systems.

High-end performance

  • Unrivalled document storage and retrieval capability provided through advanced compression technology
  • Real-time indexing and processing speeds of more than 2.5 million pages per hour
  • Concurrent access for multiple users
  • Documents loaded for online access within hours of a production run—with no disruption to operations

Secure storage – unparalleled flexibility

  • Highly secure environment limits access to approved users
  • Provide access to both documents and data sources
  • Support any type of web presentment or self-care application your organization deploys
  • Store the original native print streams including all point-in-time resources
  • Store and retrieve both system-generated documents and XML as well as non-system-generated data and documents such as scanned images
  • Archive and retrieve scanned images such as invoices contracts and support documents
  • Link stored documents back to customer data

Simple to integrate and maintain

  • Can be easily configured with other internal or third-party applications so you can search for and view documents through your preferred interface
  • Is simple to integrate with most business systems including accounting billing customer care call center and CRM applications
  • Provides real-time storage and retrieval functions using industry standard hardware
  • Utilizes full HSM support for data migration based on business process requirements