Access, connect, integrate and analyse data from a wide array of applications

Spectrum Enterprise Data Integration Module

Data integration, in batch or real time, requires the ability to connect to data from multiple sources either directly or through integration with existing data access technologies. The ability to join and query data from a variety of resources, while integrating with SAP and Siebel is critical.

Data integration software

The Enterprise Data Integration Module provides the features you need to connect to data in multiple sources either directly or through integration with your existing data access technologies.

With the Enterprise Data Integration Module you can use the Spectrum™ Technology Platform for data warehousing data quality systems integration and migration.

Key Features of our Data Integration Software

The Spectrum™ Enterprise Data Integration Module offers a number of outstanding integration features to help you gain better insight and optimize your data assets.

Join aggregate access and query your diverse data

Key features include:

  • Provides a single platform for a variety of integration needs including both batch and real time
  • Fully integrated data quality and location intelligence capabilities
  • Integrates with a variety of data sources including standard RDBMS systems XML and CSV formats as well as specific sources such as HL7 and Hadoop
  • Integrates with most REST or SOAP services to integrate data from a variety of internally developed or external SaaS applications
  • Distributed architecture allows system to scale to meet most any data challenge
  • A full library of capabilities makes it an excellent fit for data warehousing MDM data services systems migration or other data integration needs
  • Spectrum’s SOA architecture makes it easy to integrate data from disparate sources into almost any application environment

Easy access to a variety of data sources

  • Relational databases (SQL Server IBM DB2 Oracle Informix Netezza Sybase and more)
  • Text-based data such as XML CSV fixed-width files and most hierarchical text file structures
  • Healthcare industry standard HL7
  • Web services (SOAP and REST)
  • Hadoop file system

Create effective data warehousing projects

  • Global and local caching for quick lookups
  • Quick time dimension creation
  • Support for changed records
  • Bulk loader support
  • Easily log and report off of exception records or handle them through the Spectrum Business Steward Module
  • Visual SQL query designer
  • Easily create custom transformations using Java

Integrated data quality and entity resolution capabilities (additional modules may be required)

  • Easily identify and deal with duplicate records
  • Standardize customer or location records through address or geolocation

Create data services for easy integration of data in real time

Designed from ground-up as a services-oriented platform (SOA) to allow easy publishing of data to outside applications

  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Easily consume external application sources through a variety of APIs