Pitney Bowes Constant Connection provides a swift secure connection between your franking machine and Pitney Bowes allowing you to easily take advantage of the benefits offered by the IntelliLink™ operating system – postal rate updates, advertising slogan downloads and software updates keeping your franking machine up to date with the latest services.
The Constant Connection system uses the computer network within your office as a secure gateway to the services provided by IntelliLink® . With Constant Connection you’ll save time compared to an analogue telephone connection plus you’ve the added benefit of saving any line rental charges. This industry first is available today on the DM300C to the DM1000. - See more at: http://www.pitneybowes.co.uk/Equipment/GMS/franking-machines/franking-technology/constant-connect.shtml#sthash.lNbwEjh3.dpuf