High speed connection for your franking machine.
Pitney Bowes IntelliLink™ Interface Module is the easy, cost effective and smart way to connect your Pitney Bowes franking machine via your existing company network.
There’s no longer a need for an old, slow and expensive analogue telephone line!

Pitney Bowes IntelliLink™ Interface Module makes it easier and quicker to download postage funds, software updates and new features for your machine when compared to using an analogue phone line, and you can still download postage funds via the display on your meter.

There is no installation charge or monthly fee, and the features of Intellilink are avaliable for all Pintey Bowes customers, with a DM series franking machine.

Connection of IntelliLink™ Interface Module:
• IntelliLink™ Interface Module works with dynamic/fixed IP address.
• All ports used by the Postage meter and by IntelliLink™ Interface Module must beopen if a fire wall is present.
• IntelliLink™ Interface Module does not work via HTTP proxy.

Ports used by the franking machine:





DNS   UDP 53
FTP   TCP 21 (+ data port communicating via FTP ”PORT” - command)
Ports for voice calls:
SIP   UDP 5060
RTP   UDP 45000
STUN   UDP 3478
Physical connections:    
Broadband/network/LAN:   RJ45-connector
Postage meter:   Existing phone connection
Electrical:   Single -phase 230 V connection