Up-to-date worldwide street mapping at the click of a button

MapInfo Pro™ Premium Services

The MapInfo Premium Service option provides MapInfo Professional users with additional access to Bing Road maps, Open Street Maps (OSM) and a very handy "Move Map to" capability.

The MapInfo™ Pro Premium Services option provides access to Bing Road maps, Open Street Maps (OSM) and other functionality to MI Pro users.

For those that require background street mapping, this new service provides incomparable value!


  • Broad coverage: High quality maps for large parts of the world.
  • Up-to-date reference maps: The background data is constantly being updated.
  • Low cost: Very cost effective source of worldwide background mapping.
  • Low effort: This service avoids the need for installing and managing data yourself. Just access it with a click of a button in MapInfo Professional.
  • Improved ease of use! The look up utility provides an easy way to zoom the map to any place name, address or point of address in the Bing service gazetteer!