Web mapping for the next generation

MapInfo® Stratus

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In today's global economy, businesses need to efficiently share information about assets and services with colleagues and customers worldwide. To meet those needs, MapInfo Stratus provides a powerful location mapping portal, allowing your business to instantly share location data via next generation interactive maps online. 

MapInfo Stratus lets you put all your information in one place. Location data is securely uploaded to the cloud, where it can be accessed by multiple users. Just a few clicks and your data is in the hands of those who need it, when they need it, regardless of where they are.



Web mapping for the next generation

MapInfo Stratus provides the next generation online interactive mapping capabilities needed by organisations around the globe, including:

  • A single mapping portal
  • Stream lined visual displays easily accessed by internal and external users
  • Intelligent search capabilities for addresses, streets, and other locations
  • Geographical illustration of assets and services layered with various data sets
  • A proven cloud infrastructure for instantaneous access to data

MapInfo Stratus meets your location mapping needs

Your location data is one of your greatest assets and many businesses are already choosing MapInfo Stratus for their location mapping solutions. Its powerful engine and integration capabilities, combined with a modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform help your business make better informed decisions quickly.

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MapInfo® Stratus has some excellent features, so it's the perfect solution for anyone looking for a scalable, next-generation location mapping portal.

Next-generation location mapping capabilities

The MapInfo Stratus location mapping portal has been developed in direct response for the need to deliver next generation interactive maps on-line. It provides you with the Web 2.0 mapping capabilities you need in today's technology-led market, and is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

MapInfo Stratus operates on PBBI's proven cloud infrastructure, so you can instantly access the data you need, without needing to update your hardware or IT infrastructure.

Versatile and simple to use

MapInfo Stratus can act as:

  • An instant location mapping portal to enable you to geographically illustrate assets and services layered with various data sets, such as trade area demographics - helping you to better understand key markets, competition etc.
  • An external location mapping portal which customers can use directly - helping you to ease pressure on your call centre at peak times.

It features an accessible dashboard that displays your enterprise data in an easy-to-read visual display, and also offers exceptional functionality.

You can use our MapInfo Stratus location mapping portal to query address, street or other locations via intelligent free text search, and to retrieve recently selected addresses.

Produces maps which can be enhanced

The MapInfo Stratus location mapping portal can utilise different data sources to display large amounts of data. You can create translucent regions on maps while continuing to view points, lines and regions, and view other data, such as aerial photography or street data.

Easy to administrate

MapInfo Stratus features a modern, intuitive, browser-based user interface, so it's simple to administrate.  It provides you with the tools to enable GIS power users to create a workspace and publish directly from MapInfo Professional® to the MapInfo Stratus Administration Console.

As the MapInfo Status Administration Console is also browser-based, you can have multiple administrators in various locations without needing additional installation software.

A highly scalable location mapping portal

MapInfo Stratus is a fully scalable location mapping portal. Underneath MapInfo Stratus there are a set of Rich Internet Application (RIA) controls which act as building blocks to allow this superb software to grow with the needs of your business.

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