Get the best of both worlds

Spectrum Geocoding On Demand

Access high-quality international geocoding when you need it. Benefit from the maintenance and support available from a SaaS platform.

Get high quality geocoding across countries and territories worldwide. Experience the ease of use maintenance and support available from a cloud-based SaaS platform.

Make it easy to analyse data geographically and generate more accurate complete business decisions. Obtain actual location coordinates; including the latitude longitude altitude and Accessor's Parcel Number (APN) for extraordinary precision.

Cloud-based On Demand coverage is available for more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Format: On Demand cloud-based SaaS
Coverage: More than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
Data: Combines USPS and spatial data from TIGER GDT Tele Atlas or Navtech into a single unified data set.
Flexibility: Quick simple integration with key applications and popular relational database management systems.
Control: Easy-to-use API lets users specify matching criteria and data elements returned.
Accuracy: Conflation and cascading match logic yields the best available results.

Industry Applications

Geocoding in the cloud can be used across industries...

For marketing

  • Map coverage customers and competitors
  • Align offers with available services
  • Determine prime areas for promotional activities and target marketing

For asset management

  • Determine service availability and coverage
  • Pinpoint Right-of-Way and Call-Before-You-Dig requirements
  • Visualize coverage coverage gaps and best sites for additional infrastructure

For sales and site planning and management

  • Map current and competitive retail locationsM
  • Match locations against demographics
  • Assign customers to territories for sales service or pricing

For risk management

  • Accurately identify insurance rating territories
  • Determine distance to the coast earthquake fault fire station
  • Estimate potential losses
  • Help customers purchase the correct amount of coverage at the right price
  • Uncover patterns to protect from fraud

For municipalities and public sector

  • Improve constituent services
  • Determine eligibility for services and programs
  • Site voting precincts and polling locations
  • Map patterns that help to identify potential fraud terrorism other crime

For logistics

  • Define territories
  • Optimize delivery routes