Reach customers where and when they are most likely to buy.

Reverse Geocoding

Reach customers where and when they are most likely to buy. Use reverse geocoding to gain the geographic insight you need to connect with individual consumers in real time via highly specific, personalized, time and location-based mobile messaging.

Get real-time consumer location information
Within milliseconds of when consumers “check in” from their smartphones you can grab their mobile GPS coordinates pinpoint where they are and translate those coordinates into highly accurate address that can easily be integrated with other data and applications.

Inform mobile marketing and location intelligence
Use reverse geocoding to inform applications that:

  • Create and deliver highly personalized hyper-local marketing messages
  • Expedite emergency services
  • Identify suspicious activities and relationships

Rely on high quality data
Pitney Bowes offers highly accurate reverse geocodes. As of the beginning of 2012 coverage spanned 52 countries and territories around the world. Coverage is continually expanding to new markets.

With Pitney Bowes geocodes and reverse geocodes data quality is built in. Our reverse geocoding module is a part of a suite of solutions offered with the Spectrum Technology Platform:

  • Addresses are standardized formatted and validated to ensure both accuracy and ease
  • of integration with other customer and business data
  • Access to a vast selection of high-quality datasets for demographics spatial analysis
  • and more is readily available
Speed: Deploy reverse geocoding fast with minimal operational disruption and development resources required Processes individual geocodes within milliseconds
Accuracy: Gain point-level precision -- with data quality built in
Usability: Integrate with different applications for marketing and services—consistent standardized format makes it easy

Industry Applications
Reverse geocoding has important uses in growing businesses and in serving and protecting consumers.
For social media marketing mobile advertising agencies and aggregators:

  • Gain the means to tie consumer and market data to specific time and location to ensure that the right messaging reaches the right consumers at the right time in the right place.
  • Enable unparalleled opportunities for proactive personalized location-centric marketing.

For emergency response:

  • Get access to precise source locations for mobile 911 calls within milliseconds--and speed services on the way.
  • When disaster strikes use reverse geocoding to correlate wreckage with specific street addresses.

For crime prevention:

  • Pinpoint the location of persons of interest
  • Inform analyses of relationships and networks of persons places and things: from fraud rings to terror cells the ability to see how paths cross in real time can provide the key to criminal identification and apprehension.