Why are QR codes important?
Increasingly, customers are shopping and browsing for products and services on the move with their mobile devices, so it’s essential for marketers to maximise on this trend. Quick Response or QR codes are one of the most interesting and interactive marketing methods to appear in the last few years. They provide a smart and simple way for you to combine traditional and digital marketing – allowing your customers to engage with you offline and instantly find out more information online.

How long does it take to create, develop and launch a QR code?
It’s quick and simple to do. From start to finish, the entire process can take as little as 5 minutes. For example, if you want to create a campaign to promote an event, you would simply generate your QR code, customise your easy-to-read mobile page with details of the event and insert links to your website, social media or even videos. Once that’s done, you can download your code straight away and start tracking when and how many times your code has been scanned in real-time. Of course, the exact time it will take to create a campaign will often vary depending on the scale of the QR code campaign.

What is the difference between the price plans?
The price plans vary depending on the number of QR code campaigns you want to develop and launch each month. Our plans start from just £2.99 plus VAT a month for 1 Active traceable QR code, but if you are a larger organisation and plan to launch over 10 active QR codes a month we would recommend the unlimited, enterprise package at £209.99 a month. Each package benefits from the tracking and reporting functionality, so you can track how and when your codes have been scanned, capture email addresses and even analyse responses to surveys to see which campaigns are the most successful.

Do I need to set up different QR codes for different campaigns?
Yes. Each QR code will be specific to a particular offer or campaign. If you want to create more than one campaign a month, you might want to consider the pbSmart Codes Standard or Professional packages.

Is there a limit on the number of QR codes I can print for any given campaign?
No. With pbSmart Codes you can print as many codes as you want on a variety of media from posters and leaflets to emails.

How do I ensure everything is mobile optimised?
pbSmart Codes has the right technology to ensure that the entire campaign is mobile optimised. You just need to follow a simple step by step guide to design and customise a formatted web page.