Can I import my contacts into pbSmart Connections?
Yes, you can. You can import your contacts and any other information by simply converting your excel document to a Comma Delimited (csv) format.

How flexible is the pricing plan?
The pricing plan varies depending on the size of database you have. You pay on a monthly basis, so if you have an increase or decrease in your number of contacts, you can simply upgrade or downgrade your plan yourself online, whenever you want.

Our Standard Plan allows you to choose from a variety of templates, import your email addresses, send off your email campaign and gain vital insight via our superior reporting. If you want the benefit of added functionality such as managing multiple lists and more advanced reporting, you should consider our Professional package.

What exact information does the tracking and analytics provide?
Our reporting and analytics tool gives you access to an in-depth report outlining areas such as open rates, click through rates, bounce rates and so much more for all your email campaigns. This is all displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs, so you can quickly compare performances and spot positive and negative trends. This means you can adjust your campaigns as you go online for maximum success.

Can I add hyperlinks and images to my emails?
Yes. You are able to customise the emails and integrate other content such as images and links to social media sites. You can even upload your own HTML directly into our system so you can create your own designs. It is a very flexible solution to enable you to target customers in a personalised way.

Can I customise my emails with fields from my contact database?
Yes. pbSmart Connections features intuitive list management tools to help you target the right audience within your database. You can group and target subscribers according to different criteria such as demographic information or when they subscribed.