Business Mailing & Shipping Services

Owlett-Jaton implements a solution to automate the folding and insertion of its 4000 weekly invoices

What once took three hours per day stuffing envelopes now takes two mornings per week with the help of an inserting system and a digital mailing system.

Client profile

UK’s largest architectural hardware manufacturer

Network of regional sales offices across the country

Business offers next day delivery

Business Goals

Make more accurate communications

Reduce time and save money

Automate & speed up production of invoices


Increased employee productivity

Streamlined invoice and production process

Implemented an end-to-end solution

Technology Used

Executive Summary

“Previously, everything was done manually and my staff and I were spending three hours every day stuffing envelopes. In addition, printing and preparing invoices was very time consuming as we were using cut sheets on a continuous roll and had to process invoices for each branch individually.” Joy Mycock,
Post room team leader,

Owlett-Jaton is the UK’s largest stockist of fasteners, fixings, ironmongery and hardware supplying the distributor and merchant trade. The central warehouse in Stone, Staffordshire supports a network of regional sales offices throughout the UK and the company’s comprehensive product range is supported by a next day delivery service.

Business Challenge

The weekly processing of over 4000 invoices is key to the efficient running of the business but with an out-dated printer and no inserting system, the task was putting unnecessary pressure on the post room team.


The Pitney Bowes team was able to offer Owlett-Jaton a complete package at a competitive price that could not only automate the folding and insertion of documents but would also streamline the entire document production process.

Results and Benefits

“PB First had a huge impact on the efficiency of our operation. We used the software to re-format our invoices, improving the image of the company and, as PB First can link data from a variety of platforms, we didn’t have to change our source application.” Joy Mycock,
Post room team leader,

Pitney Bowes designed a custom solution for Owlett-Jaton at a competitive price. They used the PB software to redesign and re-format their invoices while improving the image of the company. The system that’s now in place is ready for the challenges of an expanding business.