Save time and money, promote your business and generate revenue with every envelope!

Connect+® 3000 Digital Franking Machine

Promote your business in full colour across the full length of the envelope, top and bottom, front or back. Connect+ is easy to use with an intuitive colour touch-screen, built-in on-screen tutorials and programmable job presets... all designed to increase productivity.

Using colour really works...

Research by Leflein Associates shows that envelopes overprinted with colour promotional messages are up to 2½ times more likely to be opened than plain equivalents.

A survey by CAP Ventures found that colour envelope messages can deliver 34% faster response rates and a 32% increase in overall revenue.

Read more about how your business can use colour to increase profitability

  • WOW processing including automatic shape-based rating
  • Four speed options: 105/165 (standard) 135/220 170/270 and 205/310 LPM in WOW / non-WOW modes
  • Color ink printing
  • Automatic Commercial-Based Pricing (CBP)
  • Adhesive tape standard
  • Gummed tape standard
  • Open- or closed-flap sealing
  • New pump-fed pad sealing system
  • On-screen keyboard (full QWERTY)
  • Flexible printing
  • Peripheral Options

Drop or power stacker options

  • New platform weighing option 5kg or 7kg capacity
  • Existing platform weighing options – 12kg or 35kg capacity
  • Laser Report Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • High-Speed LAN Connectivity
  • 3G mobile connectivity available (subscription charge applies)

Color Touch-Screen Display

  • 15" standard

Interfaced Scale Options

  • 5kg 7kg. small-platform options
  • 12kg 35kg. large-platform options
  • Differential weighing optional


  • Drop stacker standard
  • Power stacker optional


  • MyAccount
  • Package Tracking
  • Royal Mail
  • Postal Tools

Software Options

  • From 300 department accounting (scalable to 3000 accounts)
  • Includes surcharge and weight-break capabilities
  • Energy Star mode

Core Supplies

  • Postal ink - three cartridge options: standard and large
  • Printhead life: 800000 cycles - customer-replaceable supply item
  • Tape 5" roll approximately 600 indicia per roll

Interfaced weighing options

5, 7, 12, & 35kg

Differential weighing



100 standard

Up to 500 optional

Stacking options

Drop stacker or power stacker

Barcode scanner


External USB report printer


Print colour

Postal blue, black & white, process colour

WOW® Weigh-on-the-Way®


WOW® weight limit


DOW® Dimensions on the Way®


System dimensions

With drop stacker Length 1,867mm x Width 648mm

Power stacker adds 483mm to length. Colour adds 165mm to length



Print quality

1200 dpi

Processing speed (letters per minute)

310/205 or 270/170 or 220/135 LPM

Color touch screen display/user interface

15" XGA

Media size

Minimum size: 89 x 127m

Maximum size: 254 x 356mm

Envelope flap depth

25 to 98mm (for sealing)

Envelope max thickness

Up to 19mm

Additional resources

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