Do more and do it better with an automated folding and inserting system.

Relay® 2000 inserting system

The Relay® 2000 inserting system is a reliable, easy-to-use system that automatically folds, inserts and seals business and promotional mail at 2,500 pieces per hour.

The easy-to-use Relay 2000 inserting system is ideal for low- to mid-volume mailers who routinely create and send invoices, cheques, newsletters or direct mail to their customers. The Relay 2000 uses technology previously used only in larger mail centers to provide reliable mail assembly.  With its OMR scanning feature, you can accurately and quickly assemble your mail. Plus, you’ll eliminate the need to sort variable page documents by hand.

Adding OMR to your existing documents is simple with the Relay communications hub.  Using your existing print streams, this web-based software allows you to add the security of OMR without the hassle of having to redesign your documents.  By removing the need for manual folding and inserting, the Relay 2000 will help you get your mailing finished faster without worry.


2,500 per hour

Monthly capacity


Fold options

C, Z, Half, Double

Integrity options


Media sizes

Min:127mm(W) x 127mm(H) Max:229mm(W) x 406mm(H)

Standard sheet feeder capacity

325 sheets

Inserter feeder capacity

100 inserts

High capacity sheet feeder capacity

325 sheets

Letter envelope capacity

100 envelopes

Max number of feeders

3 (2 sheet and 1 insert)