Where are your customers today?

Mailstream on Demand

Mailstream On Demand™ provides high quality physical mail production when you need it, using a combined digital and physical strategy that helps you adapt to your customers’ channel preferences.  

Transforming your mailing operations

Producing documents using traditional printers, software, and other mailing hardware may not be the right strategy for your business. Mailstream On Demand is a cost-effective solution designed to meet your ever-changing business needs by simplifying your physical and digital document creation and delivery processes.

Mailstream on Demand provides you with an on demand hybrid mail outsource print and digital delivery service saving you up to 60% versus in-house postage, print and staff costs. Track every document to gain control over departmental spend and have the peace of mind knowing your documents are delivered safely, securely and on time.

Manage your customers’ expectations by delivering their communications how they want, and where they want it. Mailstream On Demand is a gateway for all of your transactional communications, and makes it easy to transition more customers to digital delivery.

Use Mailstream on Demand to:

  • Send regular transactional mailings or provide an on demand contingency against in-house print and mailroom business interruptions
  • Centralise print streams and deliver savings on postage, print, and staff costs
  • Manage budgets more effectively by tracking and reporting against every item
  • Ensure the right letter is in the right envelope every time
  • Accelerate invoice distribution processes to speed up payments
  • Remove high energy desktop printers and reduce your carbon footprint

Production without interruption, so you can focus on your organisations core functions.

Mailstream On Demand is a unique service that moves your transactional communications from the desktop to your customers quickly and consistently. You securely submit your documents print stream from your existing host software to the Mailstream On Demand online service. Then our service delivers them by mail or digital delivery  - all without you having to leave your desk.

Our Services

  • Print & Mail Services: includes full-colour document printing, enveloping and posting using 2-3 day delivery or next day delivery
  • Digital Delivery: automate the creation of digital communications and migrate more of your customers to digital delivery
  • Return Undeliverable Mail Service:  capturing and scanning return letter and creating an item level report including Royal Mail undeliverable reason codes
  • Item level tracking and reporting: download and manage reports via a secure on-line portal


Use Mailstream On Demand for all Transactional Mailings

Using Mailstream On Demand customers will centralise print streams from multiple users across multiple sites to optimise postage discounts and stationery costs. The service is scalable and there are no maximum volumes.

As a turn-key on-demand service Mailstream on DemandTM can be a gateway for all your day to day transactional communications including invoices, statements and general correspondence.

Use Mailstream On Demand as a Mailroom Recovery Service

Mailstream on DemandTM can replace or supplement in-house print and production processes; It can flatten seasonal and unexpected peaks and provide contingency against in-house print and production failures.

Adapt to your customers channel preferences

Seamlessly adapt to customer channel preference by sending physical or digital communications as standard features. Ensure a consistent brand voice and messaging across channels without the need to worry about costly investments to adapt to future mix of mail.

Q. Who Should Use Mailstream On Demand? 
A. This service is ideal for both Public and Private sector organisations particularly multi-site, multi-user organisations including Health Trusts, Local Authorities, Accounts Departments, Contact Centres, and Administration Offices.

Q. What type of documents can be sent?
A. Typical applications include invoices, statements, appointment letters, reminders, general correspondence, and customer letters.

Q. What is Hybrid Mail? 
A. Hybrid Mail is a process of printing documents across an organisation by sending them to a central production facility via easy to install software.

Q. Is my data safe?
A. Every document is encrypted and printed at our secure ISO 27001 accredited print and mailing centre. We also have NHS Information Governance Toolkit accreditation to cover Health sector data security requirements.

Q. Who uses this service today?
A. Pitney Bowes hybrid mail software is used by 1,500+ companies to produce 5 million documents per year.