Gear-driven folding

Baum 2020 Paper Folder

The Baumfolder gear-driven folder design, combined with long-lasting maintenance-free sealed ball bearings make this product line an unbeatable alternative to previous models and other manufacturers' designs.

The Baum 2020 Paper Folder

  • BaumScore - For perforating slitting or scoring heavier stocks
  • Split Guide - Slit folded 2-up sheets in half when exiting the parallel folder then fold in the right angle unit.
  • Remote Control - A portable control for sending test sheets control sheet feeding and folder from delivery and assisting set-up of perforating scoring and slitting
  • Jam Detector - Automatically stops the folder and gives diagnostic message when a paper jam occurs.
  • Static Eliminator - Neutralises the electric charges by creating an ionisation field.
  • Marble Controller - Controls the last four marbles to ensure square folds (right angle only).
  • Mobile Stacker Conversion Kit - Converts existing hang-on stacker to freestanding mobile unit with adjustable height mechanism.
  • Gatefold Attachment - Can be mounted in the parallel or 8-page. Precision solid-state timing control for ease of operation and quick job changeovers.
  • Automatic Lubrication - An automatic lubrication canister eliminates messy routine grease maintenance and guarantees smooth-running gears.
  • Fabricated Fold Plates - Heavy-duty precision fabricated fold plates allow the paper to slide through the folding machine effortlessly for smoother faster operation.
  • Baumset Roller Settings - Fast accurate setups with accessible micrometer adjustments to handle any stock for any job. The “zero” reference lets the operator make adjustments and come back to “zero” settings.
  • Electronic Pile Height Sensor - Features an electronic pile height sensor for better feeding consistency. The sensor is located closer to the sucker wheel for a more accurate reading even with wavy sheets.
  • Helical Gear Drive - The steel helical gears are coupled to the fold rolls providing solid reliability. A positive gear drive assures no slippage between fold rolls for more consistent folds.

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