Outputting envelopes into Postal Trays

Pitney Bowes Traying System

The Pitney Bowes Traying System is a robust and proven solution across multiple inserting platforms including Pitney Bowes, Kern, BB&H and Buhrs. The filled envelopes are automatically stacked, compressed and transported into trays and the supply of empty trays is automated using a tray magazine.

The Pitney Bowes Traying System

  • Up to 26000 envelopes per hour.
  • Small footprint.
  • Low noise - less than 80db.
  • C6-C5 envelopes up to a thickness of 6mm.
  • All known European boxes - plastic and cardboard.
  • Automated insertion of labels into Royal Mail trays (option).
  • Can handle envelopes exiting the inserter either flat or on edge and either short or long edge first.
  • Bypass units.
  • Extended conveyors.
  • Central, integrated factory conveying solutions to a dedicated mail handling area (option).

System Control

The traying system can receive data from any inserter control code and also supports file based processing.

Alternatively the traying system can be driven independently from the inserter by reading the control code or mailsort code through the envelope window at the inserter exit.


The traying system can include a Basic Reporting Package showing the number of trays and the total number of envelopes.

As an option, the system can also be integrated with the DFWorks Postal Manifesting Module providing a detailed manifest of each and every piece actually processed, potentially providing significant postal savings.

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